Adware InstallCore – Continue Media Finder Installation.lnk – 223f575c5164284f547ae8044b1342f8

July 9, 2012 by
Filed under: Adware 

Adware InstallCore
Also known as: Trojan Jbox
SHA256: d4b58c73563cec7ad6f954d672822a595d7687f80e4b7a0faeed135ba713570d
SHA1: aa56a77df6d03f93030894795991501a77f9e364
MD5: 223f575c5164284f547ae8044b1342f8
File size: 1058280 bytes

Created files:

%Desktop%\Continue Media Finder Installation.lnk – Adware InstallCore
%Temp%\ICReinstall_malware_012.vir(2).EXE – Adware InstallCore
%Temp%\is259369358\mf.exe – Adware InstallCore


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