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The file dwall_wamp.dll size is: 53 248 bytes.
Default location: %SysDir%\dwall_wamp.dll
dwall_wamp.dll MD5: 3C63FFD447EB0F770E7D21FC079AA53E
dwall_wamp.dll SHA1: F4B75A22 2B79B7C3 8A3A6B47 C3B34469 20F85095

The DWALL_WAMP.DLL related files:
\AcroIEHelper.dll \adialhk.dll \audioeng.dll \ckahcomm.dll \ckahrule.dll \ckahum.dll \CSCAPI.dll \cscobj.dll \curxp0.dll \dciman32.dll \dopushlp.dll \dwmapi.dll \enhdlginit.dll \fssync.dll \fwpuclnt.dll \imagehlp.dll \iprepair.dll \klaveng.dll \klogon.dll \mcpcore.dll \mcpstub.dll \midimap.dll \msiltcfg.dll \mso.dll \mssprxy.dll \OAwatch.dll \oledlg.dll \olepro32.dll \PCTBrowserDefender.dll \prloader.dll \PROPSYS.dll \roboform.dll \sfc.dll \shell32.dll \tray.dll \wbhelp.dll \wblind.dll \wbsrv.dll \wbsys.dll com.dll excel.dll IMAGEHLP.DLL KERNEL32.dll lnk.dll ole32.dll remote.dll user32.dll

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