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The file ToolbarUpdaterService.exe size is: 199 904 bytes.

Default location: \Program Files\StartNow Toolbar\ToolbarUpdaterService.exe

ToolbarUpdaterService.exe MD5: 222D07B010AF51888098DA869BD9C173

ToolbarUpdaterService.exe SHA1: 1418BD40 641531F0 2BC352A5 414D1B34 3AA66C82


ADVAPI32.dll KERNEL32.dll ole32.dll OLEAUT32.dll SHELL32.dll urlmon.dll USER32.DLL

Install UnHackMe Install RegRun



  1. msgina.dll on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 22:12
  2. Hey man , thanks 4 posting but this post is hard to read when using Mozilla it is doubled up.

  3. NightWatcher on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 22:38
  4. Hi,

    I use Firefox 6. There is no problem. What do you mean: "it is doubled up"?

  5. Bob Butler on Tue, 30th Aug 2011 07:50
  6. Just what is the toolbarupdaterservice.exe? Is it necessary. It causes my CPU to constantly spike to 100% and then drop to 0% every few seconds. If it is adware of some sort, how do I get rid of it?

  7. NightWatcher on Tue, 30th Aug 2011 14:29
  8. It's not necessary.
    If uninstaller doesn't work, try RegRun ( Download is for free.
    It will fix your problem.
    If you have more questions, visit our support center:

  9. martinex on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 17:46
  10. Go to Add/Remove Software. Uninstall the StartNow program (you'll see it in the list) this obviously is some sort of IE add on that installed itself during a 3rd party software installation.

  11. Ron on Thu, 6th Oct 2011 20:06
  12. Thank you, martinex. I uninstalled that program and the spiking stopped.

  13. Jevan on Sat, 8th Oct 2011 05:07
  14. I done what you said martinex and it worked fine

  15. Rick on Tue, 11th Oct 2011 17:02
  16. Thanks martinex! Uninstalling StartNow solved the problem immediately.

    Wonder where this program came from?

  17. NightWatcher on Tue, 11th Oct 2011 17:16
  18. Usually it's installed with 'free" software as a bundle.

    Read carefully "License agreement" before install free stuff.

  19. Sunvee on Thu, 20th Oct 2011 23:16
  20. I just uninstalled that toolbarupdaterservice.exe thru add/remove programs. I have yet to reboot – but it's gone for now. Thanks.

  21. Sunvee on Thu, 20th Oct 2011 23:22
  22. I uninstalled that toolbarupdaterservice.exe thru add/remove programs. I have yet to reboot, but for now it's gone.

  23. Pete on Fri, 18th Nov 2011 04:06
  24. I see one person saying to use regRun but my advice is to NEVER NEVER to use any registry cleaner tool!

    Registry cleaners can break vital references in your registry which you may not notice for some time. A lot of times they simply delete references that do not point to a file. However references dont have to point to files and this can break your system.

    here is a guide to backup and restore your registry

    backup regularly with a scheduler. restore when needed.,

  25. nautilus on Wed, 23rd Nov 2011 00:55
  26. martinex u are the man!!! Thanks :)

  27. Mike on Mon, 28th Nov 2011 18:54
  28. I uninstalled the program from Add/Remove programs and that did the trick. Thanks for the post.

  29. Arlene on Wed, 14th Dec 2011 11:53
  30. This helped. I saw that process using up so much memory. I went to the directory and deleted the folder and it has not come back.

    Wish it were all that easy.

  31. anonymous on Wed, 4th Jan 2012 08:51
  32. Thanks this helped.

  33. Steve on Sun, 15th Jan 2012 19:36
  34. Toolbarupdater keeps taking over my memory as described above, I tried to remove/uninstall it but it simply isnt on the list of programs… how else would it be listed?

  35. James on Wed, 1st Feb 2012 05:44
  36. Hi martinex

    Followed the instructions and it worked great, if only everything computer related was this easy.

    Good share

  37. Mariam Hambrick on Tue, 22nd May 2012 01:33
  38. I have just added this weblog to my feed reader, terrific stuff. Cannot get enough!

  39. Nona Walling on Fri, 15th Jun 2012 18:50
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