Solved! Use CHD.01 (KeyLogger Ardamax) Removal Guide

I will tell you in this post how to fix the issue manually and how to clean it automatically using a special powerful removal tool. You can download the removal program for free here:

Manual removal instructions:

CHD.01 – KeyLogger Ardamax removal

File MD5 Virus Alias
CHD.01 b7369daaf8148332a17f05e9773fd53f KeyLogger Ardamax
CHD.01 b7369daaf8148332a17f05e9773fd53f Trojan Artemis
CHD.01 b7369daaf8148332a17f05e9773fd53f Trojan Generic
CHD.01 b7369daaf8148332a17f05e9773fd53f Trojan CI

CHD.01 size: 82944 bytes
CHD.01 hash: B7369DAAF8148332A17F05E9773FD53F

Created files:

%Program Files%\YVFIXL\CHD.00
%Program Files%\YVFIXL\CHD.01
%Program Files%\YVFIXL\CHD.02
%Program Files%\YVFIXL\CHD.exe
%Common Startmenu%\Programs\Fixed_Directory_Name\UnicodeFile.bin

Autostart registry keys:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\CHD Start: %Program Files%\YVFIXL\CHD.exe

Detected by UnHackMe:

Default location: %PROGRAM FILES%\YVFIXL\CHD.01

Dropper information:
MD5: c459899e0e71fc9ba8e35887e813f73f
File size: 2275840 bytes