Remove E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE malware!

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Full path on computer: R:\PROGRAM FILES\IWEBAR\E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE
MD5 = df9fbe56c1ae5520ca6f96d623a9d863

E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE software is Win32/64:PUP-gen related.
E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE (potentially unwanted program) is a program that may be unwanted for users.
E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE may have one or more of unwanted features: spying user, advertising, search redirecting, or browser hijacking.
E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE is often downloaded in a bundle with a useful program.
Suggest to remove E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE as soon as possible.
E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE is related to: Adware.CrossRider/Variant, E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE.
E7255E84-770D-465C-9BF8-FB2ECA25C6EF-5.EXE MD5 = df9fbe56c1ae5520ca6f96d623a9d863

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