Worm Vobfus – yuiexi.exe – 0d8c3ab376160bce0cfe1abdea959416

I will tell you in this post how to fix the issue manually and how to clean it automatically using a special powerful removal tool. You can download the removal program for free here:

Manual removal instructions:

Worm Vobfus
Also known as: Worm Autorun, Trojan Generic
SHA256: 4a58f4e329a30412dcdefc0a767c16d36a3dd2148e034d7e77b08aa3a3fcdbd1
SHA1: b82cb0df1a443cc4046d1c1e5257a30ef6b47f28
MD5: 0d8c3ab376160bce0cfe1abdea959416
File size: 110592 bytes

Created files:

%UserProfile%\yuiexi.exe – Worm Vobfus

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