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Alexa ToolBar

Alexa ToolBar Alexa is a company that gathers information about the internet and the relative popularity of websites. Alexa Toolbar is a tool that serves two purposes – it provides you, the user, with information about the websites you are viewing, while providing Alexa with information about what websites are hot right now. The […]


ALXRES.DLL The file AlxRes.dll has internal name: AlxRes.DLL. The file AlxRes.dll description is: AlxRes Module. The version of the file AlxRes.dll: 1, 2, 1, 19. The AlxRes.dll is a part of software product: AlxRes Module LegalCopyright: Copyright 2006. The file AlxRes.dll size is: 462 848 bytes. Default location: %SysDir%\AlxRes.dll AlxRes.dll MD5: 6BF8C6447D9DCFAF9D1F31BE30940A54 AlxRes.dll SHA1: 8B069DE3 […]


ALXTB1.DLL The file AlxTB1.dll has internal name: AlxTB.DLL. The file AlxTB1.dll description is: AlxTB Module. The file AlxTB1.dll is related to the Alexa Internet. The version of the file AlxTB1.dll: 7, 2, 0, 2. The AlxTB1.dll is a part of software product: AlxTB Module LegalCopyright: Copyright 2000-2003. The file AlxTB1.dll size is: 565 248 bytes. […]