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The file Itibiti.exe has internal name: . The file Itibiti.exe description is: . The file Itibiti.exe is related to the . The version of the file Itibiti.exe: 1.2.1395.348. The Itibiti.exe is a part of software product: Itibiti_Knctr LegalCopyright: Copyright Itibiti Inc. (C) 2005-2010.


Product Program Filesize Version
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 4612608
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5443584
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5249024
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5245440
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5245952
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5256192
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5276672
Itibiti.exe Itibiti.exe 5260800

Default location: \Program Files\Itibiti Soft Phone\Itibiti.exe

Itibiti.exe MD5: 98D51011970EE29C18388F65D3855107

Itibiti.exe SHA1: 36637CC9 1002D0D1 9B152992 06082C07 16F4421D

Registry strings in the Itibiti.exe:











System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts\




The ITIBITI.EXE related files:

advapi32.dll comctl32.dll comdlg32.dll crypt32.dll gdi32.dll imm32.dll IPHLPAPI.DLL JclDbgMapOfAddr.dll kernel32.dll mapi32.dll mpr.dll MSVCRT.DLL MSVCRT20.DLL netapi32.dll ole32.dll oleaut32.dll olepro32.dll PSAPI.DLL RICHED20.DLL RICHED32.DLL shell32.dll shfolder.dll urlmon.dll user32.dll uxtheme.dll vcltest3.dll version.dll wininet.dll winmm.dll Wship6.dll wsock32.dll

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22 Comments on ITIBITI.EXE

  1. Joe on Sun, 17th Jul 2011 12:03
  2. I don't know how this file(program ) got on my computer. and I want to know how to take it off. I ask you first hoe to remove it . If I don't here from you I will go to the web master and tell him that you have my computer under your control'

    Waiting for instruction.

  3. judy on Fri, 22nd Jul 2011 20:36
  4. how do i close itibiti

  5. judy on Fri, 22nd Jul 2011 20:38
  6. i did not ask for this to be put on my computer,its causing pro.

  7. michael brown on Fri, 29th Jul 2011 07:35
  8. me too…what do we do?

  9. Ken Hull on Sun, 31st Jul 2011 07:02
  10. Like all the above who commented on Itibiti.exe on their computer, I have it on mine. I did not ask for it. I don't know when it installed and I would like to have it off; but every avenue I try I find that it has attachments somewhere and I have to close that before proceeding to uninstall. How can I remove this f rom my computer?

  11. Crystal on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 09:11
  12. I, too, have this program on my computer. To turn it off, go into control panel, view currently running programs, find the file called Knctr, and click it, then click end process. Then go into uninstall and uninstall the program labeled Knctr. hope this helps.

  13. Crystal on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 09:17
  14. OK…well…that didn't work. :( I'm going to research this and try to figure it out. This is annoying. I keep getting a message stating that it can't uninstall because it's running. WTH?

  15. Crystal on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 09:30
  16. OK…Figured it out….do what I said to end process. Then you have to reboot your computer. Go back and see if it starts running again. If not, go into uninstall and do that. It worked for me. :) Good luck! And please….I don't want ANY emails from the itibiti people!!!!!

  17. Jamie on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 04:58
  18. I got Itiibiti when I downloaded Final Media Player so that I could view .flv video media. Unfortuantely, FMP installed a huge list of other software. I went to the Uninstall app in the Control Panel and got rid of most of them except Itibiti wouldn't uninstall. I tired closing it using the Task Manager and that didn't work so I clicked on the icon in the toolbar and noticed that it was set to run on start-up. I unclicked that box, then rebooted, made sure that it was closed, and then the uninstall worked. Shame on Final Media Player for installing all this bloatware with their otherwise useful program.

  19. NightWatcher on Tue, 9th Aug 2011 12:45
  20. See Step 2 and Step 3 of this video.

  21. lamont ransom on Mon, 12th Sep 2011 09:45
  22. To remove it from you computer, first left click the icon in the lower right hand corner, choose shutdown, the do the uninstall.

  23. Lilnda on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 20:11
  24. I don't want this on my computer either. How do I get rid of it? I can't turn it off without forcing it due to this stupid thing. Who ever you are remove me.

  25. NightWatcher on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 21:53
  26. We can help you.

    If uninstall doesn't work, try our software UnHackMe.

    It can remove any adware/spyware/malware and rootkits.

    If you are not familiar with virus removal – we can help you.

    Of course you can use this service for free.

    If you are satisfied – you can pay or do not pay.

    It is your choice.

    First download the latest version UnHackMe from our site.
    Open the archive and start the unhackme_setup.exe.

    When the installation is over you will see the main UnHackMe screen.

    Click on the Advanced button and choose “Send report to the support center” in the popup menu. Follow the instructions.

    The report file (regrunlog.txt) will be saved on your Desktop.

    Attach it to your ticket and click on the Browse button and then to the regrunlog.txt file.

    Don’t insert the report text directly into the message text! We won’t be able to analyse such a report.

    Describe your problem in detail. Add the screenshot, your antivirus log or suspicious files.

    Thank you for cooperation!


  27. Lilnda on Thu, 20th Oct 2011 20:28
  28. Yeah I want you off my computer also so please do so. If not I will go to webmaster also and complain. Please get off my computer now!!!!! Find people that want your dam site not ones that do not want it at all.

  29. Vince on Fri, 4th Nov 2011 03:56
  30. Go to start<Run and type in "msconfig" then go to the start up tab. This tab shows you which programs will run at startup, disable Itibiti.exe if you don't want it to automatically open.

  31. Gary J Haupt on Sun, 27th Nov 2011 10:09
  32. Just who the Hellow Do you think you are. Fucking with our computors that we pay for Not You . And yet you got to Fuck with them and Blame us users for your Fuck ups. Now Delite Most of your Bull Shit and go back to the way it was and Quit Fucken with us that Pay your Fucken wages.. Fuck this Itibiti.exe. and you Publishing or Naked asses all around to every one you Pricks.///////

  33. Jerry on Mon, 28th Nov 2011 10:50
  34. can't shut down my computer

  35. monty on Sun, 4th Dec 2011 14:41
  36. thank you. i ran the config and removed itibiti from the startup, then was able to uninstall kinectr from my control panel. this has taken over my computer for months and so annoying!! Thank You!!

  37. linda jane on Sat, 18th Feb 2012 10:11
  38. I made the BIGGEST mistake , lookingfor free music dowmloads and I have all this CRAP FROM KNCTR that I frickin cannot get rid of. Its true NOTHING IS FOR FREE.

  39. linda jane on Sun, 19th Feb 2012 08:12
  40. YAHOOOOOOOO I got rid of it went to start then to shut down clicked log off. win dows restarted then went to uninstall…

  41. miguel gonzalez on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 03:51
  42. how ou peolpe get in a computer without any athorization or agreement?This is annoying 'plesae tell me how I can get rid of this pogram.This is really a installed you can get rid of it.

  43. tomatto007 on Tue, 12th Feb 2013 12:51
  44. Use UnHackMe to fully remove "Itibiti Soft Phone":

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