The file AU3_Spy.exe has the internal name: AU3_Spy.exe. The file AU3_Spy.exe description is: AutoIt3 Window Info Spy. The file AU3_Spy.exe is related to the DaloozaSoft. The version of the file AU3_Spy.exe: 1.0. The AU3_Spy.exe is a part of software product: AU3_Spy LegalCopyright: Copyright ? 2003 DaloozaSoft.
The file AU3_Spy.exe size is: 14 368 bytes.
Default location: %Program Files%\AutoHotkey\AU3_Spy.exe
AU3_Spy.exe MD5: 71E128E297A3817F8396A5B862C1EA01
AU3_Spy.exe SHA1: 83EB0B50 548F8D89 C1C97C67 67F66B0C DC584D9C

The AU3_SPY.EXE related files:
CRTDLL.DLL GDI32.DLL kernel32.dll USER32.DLL

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