The file browsemngr.dll size is: 2 106 392 bytes.
Default location: %Common Appdata%\Browser Manager\2.3.765.24\{16cdff19-861d-48e3-a751-d99a27784753}\browsemngr.dll
browsemngr.dll MD5: DB1DDC690D336E88EEADC908EA44388C
browsemngr.dll SHA1: 401BB422 74F15069 159A91BD 0A1B578E 1E141A23

The BROWSEMNGR.DLL related files:
ADVAPI32.DLL datamngr.dll dbghelp.dll iertutil.dll imagehlp.dll Kernel32.dll NETAPI32.DLL ntdll.dll OLE32.DLL OLEAUT32.dll protector.dll PSAPI.DLL RPCRT4.dll SHELL32.dll SHLWAPI.dll urlmon.dll user32.dll

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