The file WiseBootBooster.exe has internal name: WiseBootBooster.exe. The file WiseBootBooster.exe description is: Wise Boot Booster. The file WiseBootBooster.exe is related to the WiseCleaner.com. The version of the file WiseBootBooster.exe: The WiseBootBooster.exe is a part of software product: Wise Boot Booster LegalCopyright: WiseCleaner.com. Comments: Boot up your computer.
The file WiseBootBooster.exe size is: 1 201 192 bytes.
Default location: %Program Files%\Wise\Wise Care 365\WiseBootBooster.exe
WiseBootBooster.exe MD5: C235A499370AAC7132E7FFBAFBC346DA
WiseBootBooster.exe SHA1: 75202994 0A0515A7 6285B5B2 F0288D57 70412BE7

The WISEBOOTBOOSTER.EXE related files:
advapi32.dll comctl32.dll comdlg32.dll gdi32.dll kernel32.dll mpr.dll msimg32.dll ole32.dll oleaut32.dll shell32.dll shlwapi.dll user32.dll version.dll

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