The file SendoriLSP64.exe description is: SendoriLSP64.exe. The file SendoriLSP64.exe is related to the Sendori. The version of the file SendoriLSP64.exe: The SendoriLSP64.exe is a part of software product: SendoriLSP64.exe LegalCopyright: Copyright ? 2010.
The file SendoriLSP64.exe size is: 407 400 bytes.
Default location: %Program Files%\Sendori\SendoriLSP64.exe
SendoriLSP64.exe MD5: 63D06170C40768919C6346411956B1F1
SendoriLSP64.exe SHA1: 54B0DA7E 26AE23ED 8BCAE152 9D259854 8B7A1D9D

Registry strings in the SendoriLSP64.exe:

Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

The SENDORILSP64.EXE related files:
-b Auto install over TCP/UDP providers and do error checking, example: registerlsp -b -d c:\testlsp.dll 32.dll with error: ADVAPI32.dll Auto install an IFS LSP named ifslsp.dll and located in c:\ : Auto install an LSP named nonifslsp.dll and located in c:\ : Install an LSP named nonifslsp.dll and located in c:\ : kernel32.dll mscoree.dll ole32.dll OLEAUT32.dll RPCRT4.dll s -b -d c:\nonifslsp.dll s -bi -d c:\ifslsp.dll s -i -o 1001 -o 1002 -d c:\nonifslsp.dll SendoriProxy.dll SPORDER.dll user32.dll

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