The file mach32.dll description is: COMODO Internet Security. The file mach32.dll is related to the COMODO. The version of the file mach32.dll: 5, 9, 219747, 2195. The mach32.dll is a part of software product: COMODO Internet Security LegalCopyright: 2005-2009 COMODO. All rights reserved..
The file mach32.dll size is: 1 680 200 bytes.
Default location: %Program Files%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners\mach32.dll
mach32.dll MD5: A5FA66A742FFF85B296CBC1D2ABF2219
mach32.dll SHA1: 03620D12 2847A477 7131A5CD 894DA90E 10A9A2A8

Registry strings in the mach32.dll:


The MACH32.DLL related files:
ADVAPI32.dll ATL.DLL avicap32.dll basesrv.dll COMCTL32.dll COMDLG32.dll crtdll.dll crypt32.dll csrsrv.dll dbghelp.dll GDI32.dll GdiPlus.dll imagehlp.dll imm32.dll iphlpapi.dll kernel32.dll lz32.dll mach32.dll mpr.dll msacm32.dll MSASN1.dll mscoree.dll msimg32.dll msvbvm50.dll msvbvm60.dll msvcirt.dll msvcp60.dll msvcp71.dll msvcr71.dll msvcr80.dll msvcr90.dll msvcrt.dll msvfw32.dll netapi32.dll ntdll.dll odbc32.dll OLE32.dll OLEAUT32.dll oledlg.dll olepro32.dll psapi.dll pstorec.dll rpcrt4.dll secur32.dll setupapi.dll SHELL32.dll shfolder.dll SHLWAPI.dll snmpapi.dll urlmon.dll USER32.DLL userenv.dll UxTheme.dll VERSION.dll wininet.dll winmm.dll wintrust.dll ws2help.dll wsock32.dll

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